Passionate about public health, Erin leverages evidence-based communication theory and emerging technology best practices to combine traditional and digital media strategies for effective communication. She specializes in: 

Communication Strategy

  • Communication strategies
  • Outreach and engagement plans
  • Target audience analysis
  • Social media dissemination and listening tactics
  • Content development and maintenance plans
  • Editorial calendars

Digital & Social Media

  • Digital communication strategies
  • Integrated traditional and digital media tactics
  • Social media program reviews
  • Tracking and measurement plans
  • Metrics reporting templates
  • Presentations on digital media trends
  • Internal strategies for innovation adoption

Apps, Widgets & Games for Behavior Change

  • Communication strategies for new product development
  • Product review and recommendations


Today, there are a lot of options for consulting firms. But our philosophy and approach make us different. 

Developing effective communications is about more than catchy tag lines and cool digital media. It's about taking a strategic and evidence-based approach to developing content that motivates people to take action. That’s why our approach focuses on these four key activities:

  • Understanding target audiences’ needs, behaviors and preferences and using these data to determine the optimum use of digital and traditional channels
  • Tailoring messages specifically for each target audience and grounding all communication activities in proven health communication theories to increase the likelihood of behavior change
  • Developing meaningful relationships with target audiences and identifying key influencers who can serve as message or brand advocates
  • Conducting continuous monitoring and evaluation of communication activities to inform iterative program enhancements

We consider our work successful when we've helped a client develop a strategy, process, or foundation to go on without us. We give you the training and tools to find success in your areas of expertise.