Resources for reviewing your strategy

Want to be sure you’re strategy is complete? Ask yourself these Guiding Questions for Developing an Effective Strategy.

Does my strategy:

  1. Identify a set of goals that address the organization or project's mission? Can each goal be achieved through communication?

  2. Use data on each target audience's media consumption preferences to drive the selection of dissemination channels, including specific digital media channels? Specify how content should be tailored for each target audience?

  3. Identify specific metrics for each goal that will be used to measure progress and/or success?

  4. Outline the full lifecycle of content development and maintenance, which includes: content creation, approval, and publishing; details on tone, voice, and branding; a process for responding to inquiries, breaking news, or controversial topics; and a regular schedule for reviewing, updating and/or removing outdated content? 

  5. Specify which partners will be involved and how each will be engaged?

  6. Describe a for process for how feedback will be gathered from target audiences and partners?

  7. Outline how metrics, analyses, and feedback will be used?

  8. Specify which metrics will be collected? Provide a template for reporting metrics?

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